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Alameda County Family Justice Center

Justice is not served
until crime victims are.

Safety alert!

Abusers can track your computer activity. If you are in danger, please call 911 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-SAFE). And consider using a safer computer such as one from the library or a friend's house.

this site

National Center for Victims of Crime
1-800-FYI-CALL (Victim assistance) 8:30 AM - 8:30 PM EST

The National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA)
800/879-6682 or 202/232-6682

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

Alameda County Stalking Unit

Family Justice Center

Alameda County District Attorney's Office

Family Violence Law Center

Suggested Reading:

Surviving a Stalker: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Yourself Safe
by Linden Gross

The Gift of Fear : Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence
by Gavin de Becker

Stopping a Stalker : A Cop's Guide to Making the System Work for You
by R. L. Snow (Editor)

Stalking : A Handbook for Victims
by Emily Spence-Diel

The Psychology of Stalking : Clinical and Forensic Perspectives
by J. Reid Meloy (Editor)

The Stalking of Kristin : A Father Investigates the Murder of His Daughter
by George Lardner Jr.

I Know You Really Love Me : A Psychiatrist's Journal of Erotomania, Stalking, and Obsessive Love
by Doreen R. Orion M.D.