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March 2019

Training: Mental Health Professionals Mar 15, 2019

Alameda County Family Justice Center Training Academy Presents:
Adult Suicide Assessment & Intervention for Mental Health Professionals

The training will be on April 11th
from 10am to 12 noon at the Alameda County Family Justice Center
(470 – 27th Street in Oakland).

This two-hour workshop is geared toward mental health professionals or anyone that would be in a position to work with a community member at risk for suicide.

The workshop uses a combination of teaching methods including didactic work, lecture, and discussion. The workshop will encourage participates to explore their own feelings towards suicide and suicidal clients. It will address common myths and perceptions about suicide and suicidal behavior.

The workshop will cover suicide statistics, trauma, and suicide theory with an emphasis on Thomas Joiners model: The Interpersonal Theory of Suicide. Risk factors, warning signs and protective factors will be introduced and reviewed. Participants will learn methods of suicide risk assessment and will be introduced to screening tools that aid in determining suicide risk. Emphasis will be placed on how to ask, talk about suicide and how to conduct a risk assessment. Questions for risk assessment will be handed out during the workshop for attendees to take home.

Safety planning will be introduced using Stanley & Browns Safety Planning Template. Safety Planning APPS will be introduced and discussed.

If you would like to attend please RSVP to Stephen Murphy at