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Alameda County Family Justice Center

Justice is not served
until crime victims are.

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March 2016

DeafHope: Serving Hearing Impared Survivors Mar 14, 2016

In a recent article on the popular news site Oakland North, writer Erica Alvero explored the role of DeafHope (one of our community partners at the ACFJC) in serving the local hearing impaired community.

We thank Oakland North for taking the time to learn more about our organization and that of our valuable community partners.

Anti-violence Organization Serves Deaf Community Survivors

The main office of the Alameda County Family Justice Center (ACFJC) is quiet. Peaceful. At 11 o’clock in the morning, seven people—a few on their phones, a few sleeping—wait for their names to be called. A Disney Channel theme song bursts out of a cell phone in the hands of a little boy, briefly interrupting the room before his mother mutes the device. A large poster featuring two adolescent boys, one leaning against the other in a protective gesture, hangs above the room. The boy in front holds out his two hands, with words written on each palm: one reads “I have the right to protection” and the other “I have the right to be heard.”

The receptionist greets visitors, flipping seamlessly between Spanish and English, depending on the client or administrator’s need. Clients will go through a navigator, who speaks with them about what kind of help they are seeking, and send them to the appropriate department among the 35 organizations housed in the center, which support victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and exploitation, human trafficking, child abuse, elder abuse and stalking. Continue reading the article...

Marking International Women’s Day 2016 Mar 8, 2016

In honor of International Women's Day, our Executive Director Cherri Allison penned a short note to ACFJC supporters and the community about our personal as well as professional commitment to serving and empowering women.

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day.

While we celebrate the achievements of women around the globe let us also take time to reflect on the work that remains.

The Alameda County Family Justice Center joins all of our partners here and organizations around the world in honoring the progress women have made to close the economic, social justice and gender equity gaps. We also recognize there is still much work to be done in the field of violence against women, in a world where one in every three women will experience abuse in her lifetime.

On a personal note, let us remember all of the women that have gone before us, those generations still to come, and those women today that are marginalized and rendered voiceless, who do not have a seat at the leadership circle. Let us make room for those women and let us listen to their voices.

With your continued collaboration, partnership and support we will make a difference by providing life changing services to keep women and their families safe and the structure and community to assist women in reclaiming their power.

Cherri N. Allison, Esq.

Celebrating Women’s History Month Mar 8, 2016

In honor of Women's History Month in March, the Alameda County Family Justice Center is hosting the 'Women Celebrating Women' event.

The event takes place on Thursday, March 31st between 11am and 1pm.

There will be speakers, poets, and artists sharing their journeys in a welcoming environment with great food and music. Clients from ACFJC programs will also be displaying the vision boards they have created for their future lives.

We hope you can join us!

WHEN: Thursday, March 31, 2016

TIME: 11am until 1pm

WHERE: ACFJC, 470 27th Street, Oakland