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Alameda county family justice center awarded avon foundation for women speak out against domestic violence grant for avon domestic violence survivor empowerment program.

Avon Foundation Awards More Than $1.2 Million To Fund 19 Coordinator Positions in Domestic Violence Organizations Across the United States

Oakland, California – The Avon Foundation for Women has awarded a $64,031 one-year grant to the Alameda County Family Justice Center in support of its Avon Domestic Violence Survivor Empowerment Program, which provides annual funding for 19 full-time Economic Empowerment Coordinator positions in domestic violence agencies across the U.S. Since the Avon Domestic Violence Survivor Empowerment Program launched, the Avon Foundation has supported 85 coordinator positions throughout the U.S. by providing nearly $5 million in grants.

The 2013 Avon Domestic Violence Survivor Empowerment Program is part of the Avon Speak Out Against Domestic Violence initiative, which launched in 2004 to help end the cycle of domestic violence. The Avon Foundation for Women has donated nearly $38 million for domestic and gender violence programs in the United States, including support for awareness, education, direct service and prevention.

The critical funds awarded to Alameda County Family Justice Center will make an immediate difference to domestic violence survivors in the County of Alameda. Coordinators help provide domestic violence survivors with vital resources and economic empowerment tools necessary to develop self-sufficiency, so that they are able to lead independent, violence-free lives.

This program, Survivor Training and Empowerment Program-Utilizing your Potential (STEP-UP), is a training and empowerment program for survivors of domestic violence. The purpose of STEP-UP is to empower women with the personal, professional, and financial safety skills to begin reconstructing their lives and ultimately breaking the cycle of domestic violence. This program will enable women to become self-sufficient for not only themselves but for their families, especially children. STEP-UP offers individualized empowerment sessions, on-site professional development classes, and group-based self-sufficiency workshops.

STEP-UP will be offered in an environment where other essential services such as on-site child care, housing and relocation assistance, civil legal restraining orders, immigration services, counseling, after school homework help, PULSE (Pop-Up Library Services for Everyone), transportation assistance, emergency clothing kits, and food vouchers in addition to the many services provided by our partners. All services are easily accessible, coordinated, comprehensive, and culturally sensitive.

“In the United States, one in every four women has experienced partner violence or abuse during her lifetime. With the funds from the Avon Foundation for Women, we will be able to provide tools designed to improve essential skills for our clients such as professional and job readiness skills, financial literacy, computer literacy skills, as well as links to job training and placement to help them break free of the cycle of violence. More than 25% of our clients are below the federal poverty guidelines and 28% receive some form of government assistance. Studies show that financial security is the number one predictor of whether or not a victim of domestic violence will get free and stay free from abuse. These funds will allow our clients to gain the skills to permanently break the cycle of violence,” said Cherri N. Allison, Executive Director, Alameda County Family Justice Center.

“The Avon Foundation for Women is committed to breaking the cycle of domestic violence and is proud to support Alameda County Family Justice Center,” said Avon Foundation for Women President Carol Kurzig. “Research illustrates that domestic violence victims are less likely to leave an abusive relationship— and stay away from their abusers— if they have limited hope of achieving independent economic stability. With the help of these hands-on coordinators, we hope that more women in County of Alameda can end the cycle of abuse and ensure safety for themselves and their families.”

Since August, 2005 the Alameda County Family Justice Center and its 21 on-site partners has provided services and support for more than 85,000 client visits including 17,712 unduplicated domestic violence clients. The Alameda County Family Justice Center is also a regional training center for established and emerging Family Justice Centers in Northern California and has received numerous awards and certificates of recognition.

The Alameda County Family Justice Center helps victims of domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, sexual assault and exploitation who historically often sought help from a fragmented, disjointed system of agencies offering related, but uncoordinated services. The ACFJC is the heart of a comprehensive service delivery system made up of over 100 public and private agency partners throughout the Bay Area, providing a gateway to safety, healing, and empowerment for victims of abuse. We advocate for and construct a future where there is zero tolerance for domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, sexual assault and exploitation.

Avon Foundation for Women

The Avon Foundation for Women, the world’s largest corporate-affiliated philanthropy focused on issues that matter most to women, was founded in 1955 to improve the lives of women. Through 2012, Avon global philanthropy, led by the Avon Foundation, has donated more than $910 million in more than 50 countries for causes most important to women. Today, Avon philanthropy focuses on funding breast cancer research and access to care through the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, and efforts to reduce domestic and gender violence through its Speak Out Against Domestic Violence program. Visit for more information.

Avon Speak Out Against Domestic Violence

The Avon Foundation for Women launched Speak Out Against Domestic Violence in 2004 to support domestic violence awareness, education and prevention programs aimed at reducing domestic and gender violence, as well as direct services for victims and their families. Through 2013, the Avon Foundation for Women has donated nearly $38 million in the United States to support domestic violence programs, services and education. Globally, Avon supports efforts to end violence against women in nearly 50 countries by raising funds through special product sales and raising awareness through events and with educational information disseminated by more than 6 million global Avon Representatives. Visit for more information.

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For more information on {name of your program} at {name of your organization}, please call {name} at {phone}. For more information about domestic violence services, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or online at

To learn more about the Avon Foundation for Women Speak Out Against Domestic Violence program, visit, where you can also access a free printable Domestic Violence and Dating Abuse Resource Guide in English and Spanish.