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Alameda County Family Justice Center

Justice is not served
until crime victims are.

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Abusers can track your computer activity. If you are in danger, please call 911 or the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-799-SAFE). And consider using a safer computer such as one from the library or a friend's house.

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nancy omalleyThe Alameda County Family Justice Center, envisioned by Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley, began as a simple concept; to create a 1-stop location that would provide effective, comprehensive services to victims of interpersonal violence in a collaborative and coordinated way.

DA O’Malley and a team of committed professionals joined together to create, implement, broaden and expand the ACFJC to be a place where all children and families could grow to their full potential, free from the threat of violence, exploitation and intimidation.

The Alameda County Family Justice Center, a division of the District Attorney’s Office, provides visitors with legal, health, and support services and the opportunity for physical and psychological safety, recovery and well-being.

The ACFJC has remained true to its initial mission and has continued to expand and create effective development and empowerment programs. The ACFJC provides childcare through KidZone and has created several child and youth programs to address their trauma, stop the cycle of violence and prevent their victimization.

DA O'Malley invites you to visit the ACFJC and see first-hand the positive change we make in the lives of families in Alameda County.